Monday, September 05, 2005


So, SPX will also see the release of a special benefit book being offered by Robert Bienvenu and the Baton Rouge Cartoonist Society. I've produced 12 jazz-inspired images for inclusion in the book, and the originals will be available shortly on the Bendis Board Charity Auction.

One cool note about the benefit book is that it's an OPEN SUBMISSION, so if you're an artist looking for a way to help out, drop them a line. Here's the details:

The Baton Rouge Cartoonist Society is taking submissions for an anthology to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
While our families and friends in the New Orleans and Mississippi areas are safe with family, there are thousands that are in desperate need and that will require extended help throughout the coming months. Every penny from sales will go to the Red Cross hurricane relief efforts.

This is extremely late notice, but our plan is to have the anthology available for sale at this month’s Small Press Expo. Due to the short turn-around time, we will need any submissions by Friday, September 16th.

We’re not asking for lengthy stories, but if any creators can contribute a short story, a page, a strip, a panel, or pin-up, we would be extremely grateful.

While we are all frustrated and angered by the initial ineffectiveness of our state and federal government’s response to this tragedy, we are not looking for political statements. Art and story celebrating the New Orleans and gulf coast region, or that touches on the tragedy, or expresses your feelings would certainly be welcome. If you already have completed art that you think would be appropriate, we would welcome that as well.

Our plans are to stick to a 4.25 x 5.5 page size.
If e-mailing, please keep file size within reason.

Please send art to:


Robert Bienvenu
9364 N. Parkview Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA.

Thanks for your help,

Robert Bienvenu


johnpotten said...


Great to see the community getting involved like this - I'll be bidding for one!

Anyway of making the book available to overseas readers/ non SPX attendees?


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