Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Hey people...the new PREVIEWS just hit the shelves, and it's your opportunity to order NOBLE BOY, and to tell your friends and local retailers to do the same! NOBLE BOY is on page 209 and is "Certified Cool", I'll have you know! There's a purty ad designed by Chris Pitzer accompanying the solicitation, under AdHouse Books.

Also, on page 356, the Previews Book Store hypes SPAGHETTI WESTERN. If you haven't picked this up yet, originally released in 2004, now's your chance!

Thanks for the support! More soon!


pitzerboy said...

Purdy Ad?

It's all you, babe!

edwardmiller92836966 said...

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Brent said...

Hey Scott!

I'm very excited that you've started publishing again. Noble Boy looks fantastic, and I'm positive it will be a great piece of art. Coupling your amazing art and Chris Pitzers sharp design sense is, quite frankly, making me a bit drooly. :)

Thanks for all the cool stuff (especially my Volcanic Revolver sketch from a signing), and please bring back Ancient Joe soon!

who will one day show Morse his Milliken Darby impersonation.