Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Publisher's Weekly has a new interview with me HERE.
There's a few plugs for upcoming projects, so stop on over and give it a read!


steve said...

Hey Scott,
Thanks for putting that up. It was a nice read. I always like reading about how creators go about their work, even if I've heard some of the details before, it's nice to have it to go back to and read. Looking forward to all the projects you've mentioned. I actually didn't know you worked on so many things at one time. Amazing!

Frederic said...

Good evening Scott....

Like usual surfing your web site, I enjoy your great style and learn from you....

That is a great Interview ;)

So your working on a lot of project :) and posting on the blog and working at Pixsarand be a Husband and a Daddy .. Do you have time to sleep :)

In the interview your talking of Scrap Mettle, when it will be out?

Take care


Sarah said...

Great interview! ^^
I can't wait to get my paws on these projects you're working on!
And it's great to read about your creative process, I don't know how you fit it all in but thank goodness you do!
*eats it up* X3

As ever you are totally my creative hero! *bows* ;)