Wednesday, May 02, 2007


PRE-ORDER your copy of SCRAP METTLE now! Amazon's got it up and ready to put in your shopping cart! Or tell your local retailer to order you a copy, so they know to. A lot of times retailers don't order big on pricey books like this, so there's no guarantee it'll be waiting for you the week it ships unless you ask for it by name!

Of course, I'll be doing a limited edition of it, as well, but it'll be a REALLY small run, $75, but it'll include a painting, an ink drawing, and a watercolor sketch. Probably limited to 25 copies. Details soon.


steve said...

Scott, can you put me down for one of those special editions?

John said...

Hi Scott

I'd like to take one too - If your OK shipping to the UK.



Anonymous said...

Looks great and I would love to have one of these speacil editions.

Michael A. P.

Chris said...

I would also like to have a special edition -- thanks! Looking forward to the release of the book!

~ Chris

Grig said...

Scott! he appeals to a lot to me! Eh eh. I adore the color violet! even if they say ports misfortune… is not true! eheh!

MH said...

I'm looking forward to this book. I would really like to have one of the special editions. Do you ship to the Netherlands ?
Regards, Mario

Lance said...

I'd like a special edition.

If there's any available.