Monday, January 23, 2006


So this weekend, we hit San Francisco and saw the original ON THE ORAD manuscript on display at the SF Library. It's huge, all on one continuous piece of paper (the kind of paper is up for dispute...possibly butcher paper or something). It was typed over a manic 21 day period, I believe, on these 12-foot long sheets of paper and taped together. You can even see where he typed right over the tape. It's pretty amazing. There are other interesting things on display, as well, including a visual map of the route taken in ON THE ROAD, and a guide and pictures of the fictional characters vs. their real-life counterparts. This is a must-see if you're in the Bay Area, people!


Omega Screech said...

Hey, My name is Chris Marsh. I drove out to the APE convention last year from Tucson, Arizona because a friend of mine told me you were scheduled to make an appearance. You weren't able to make it due to the fact that your wife was expecting at any moment (congradulations). Im just now attempting to email you because of a lot personal problems and what have you, but i was wondering if there would be anyway you could draw me a sketch of Andy Kaufman (I'd like to get it tattoo'd on). You are my favorite artist and pick up anything with your name on it. If theres anything I can do just let me know.

pitzerboy said...

Scott Morse drawing a tattoo of Andy Kaufman?

I think my brain just split in half.

Dood it!

And yeah, that Kerouac show sounds crazy.

Jenny said...

How cool to have seen that...very envious!

I think S.F. annd the bay area is the ebst place in the ol' USA. : )

Jenny said...

Oops--"best" place..."annd"...gah! MY lousy typing! Sorry. Hunt 'n' peck!