Monday, January 23, 2006


I'm in the middle of laying out a new story tentatively called NOTES OVER YONDER. You'll all be able to read it in two parts, half of it in AdHouse's upcoming PROJECT: ROMANTIC, and half in the upcoming AFTERWORKS II. Each section is stand-alone, not relying on the other for communication, but together, they make for a different, more unique story. It's fully painted and almost entirely silent, but I'm working in a lot of mood, my love of jazz, a ukulele, and a cat. You'll'll all play together. Anyhow, once completed, the paintings may be framed and shown as part of a three-man show in Los Angeles later this year at Gallery 1988, with Bwana Spoons and Thomas Han. And the whole story will be collected into a hardcover around the same time, so you can read it in one fell swoop and possibly draw new meaning from it. I'm excited about how this one is coming out, and can't wait to see it completed.


Jenny said...

How cool!
So, WHEN is your Maurice opus to hit shelves, btw? And have you come onna my blog yet? A virtual visit! ; )

Miss you, old boy!

Thorsten Hasenkamm said...

Cool, really looking forward to this book/show!