Monday, July 17, 2006

Comic-Con...see you there!

So, my Helper Monkey has pointed out that I need to tell you all where you can find me!


It's all the way to the left, if you're looking at the convention center from the front. Near Mignola and my rep, Allen Spiegel Fine Arts, and before you hit the toy guys and Tim Biskup/Gary Baseman.

Me, Jim Mahfood, Ted Mathot, Jeff Pidgeon, and Louis Gonzales, selling our stuff! Come early and grab one of everything, from AFTERWORKS II to NOBLE BOY! See you there!


john said...

Hey scott,

I love your artwork. Your composition, design and colors are awesome. Can't wait to see you at the Con. Hope everything doesn't sell out before I get there.

Mukpuddy said...

Hey scott, lovin all the stuff you've done for the comic-con!!! I'm a big fan and I'm sooo jealous, I need to own this stuff, especially the skate decks, they're awesome!!!

I brought your Frankenstein book last year when we made the trip over from New Zealand!

I've also painted up some skate decks of my own, I'd be keen for you to check em out!!

cdeboda said...

Picked up a copy of "Noble Boy" at the Con. Great book! Thanks.

Jenny said...

Hey old man--I never found you OR E-Ville Press, darn it! I was just in SD for about 3 hours Saturday, probably the single worst day to try and "browse" the aisles, wouldn't you agree?

However, my copy of "Noble Boy" arrived about a month ago from Amazon(pre-ordered), and I love it. : )