Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm crashing SPX!

See all you East Coasters there? I'll have NOBLE BOY, t-shirts, and hopefully paint for doing on-site painting requests. More info at the SPX website.


Ciaran said...

I'm on the East coast of the wrong country. Hope it goes well..

steve said...

Hey man, haven't talked to you since your old site went down. I'll try to be there for SPX, but since it's a ways away, I can't confirm as of yet. I look forward to going, and catching up with you. I met you once in '03 at SDCC, so it'll be great to see you again! -Steve

cmbeckett said...

Great news, man. Don't know if you remember me, I did a profile on you for the first issue of my self-published anthology last year, and you were generous enough to send us some of the art from Noble Boy to include. My buddy and I have the second issue of WARRIOR27 all set to debut at the Expo. This one is much stronger than the first issue, which was up and down - mostly down with regards to the comics included. But we learned a lot and applied that to this new issue. That profile on you was very well received and I'd like to thank you properly in Bethesda - buy you a drink, buy you dinner - if you're free. Either way, I'll be stopping by the table to get a tee and give a quick hello.

chris beckett

Scott Morse said...


Of course I remember you! Looking forward to seeing the new issue of WARRIOR! Not sure about social plans at SPX yet, I'll be hanging with the AdHouse crew, more than likely, but I'm sure I'll see you at the bar, wherever "the" bar is! We'll have a drink. See you soon!

Ponzo said...

hey scott i'm most likely going to be making the trip down from Long Island mainly to meet you and try to take in all i can about small press work.

I was just wondering if you'll have any orginals for sale somewhere within the $100-$300 price range or will be doing sketchs/paintings?

Looking forward to meeting you finally.

Acetate said...

Hi Scott it was nice meeting you at SPX. I would have talked the animation biz longer, but you were pretty busy painting at the time. I'm the guy that gave you my lil book, "Das Sketchbook" of my animation design work. Good luck on any up and coming projects. Look for me as "acetate" on
Later !