Monday, September 29, 2008


Hey all-

The good folks over at COMIC RELATED have kindly posted a few pages from TIGER!TIGER!TIGER! Volume 1. go check 'em out, then order your copy! The Diamond Catalogue order number is OCT08 3781. I just got my advances from China and they look just the way I wanted them to. Pics soon.


Brian said...

Looking very cool.

Eimhin said...

Hello Mr Morse,
a belated thankyou for taking the time out to chitchat to us Irish when we we were visiting the Bay Area, as well as loading us up with contraband for the trip home. It has me well primed for T!T!T! when it comes out.
A copy of our Rooster film should be making it's way around the studio courtesy of mzzrs Andy Beall and Pete Sohn, or if you'd like I could post a copy out to you, if you're interested in seeing it.
I trust Louise's SouthPlush is keeping well, off the street and all that.

Ian said...

wow...cant wait for it!

Chuck said...

There's also a preview of Notes Over Yonder at Comic Related. You can check it out here...

Cheers and thanks for pointing to the preview, Chuck

John Cormany said...

Really looking forward to this, thanks for the previews!