Tuesday, September 02, 2008

TOTORO FOREST bidding open!

That's right! Go now to bid on your favorite pieces. Mine are priced with low opening bids of $100 each, and for a painting that size, that's a good deal if you snag one! All of the art is amazing, whether you bid on mine or someone else's...just get in there and help out the forest! Above you'll notice some Flying Tiger Air Buses, too...those are 4 more original art bookplates that you could possibly score an original of if you buy a $500 ticket to the event. Each $500 ticket comes with an original piece of art by one of the artists. ;)


steve said...

Thanks for the heads up Scott!

While I really love your pieces, and I'm sure you know I mean that... I'm trying for some guys who I don't know how else to get art by them.

I'm currently the high bidder on 3 pieces, though I don't expect them to stay that way:

DAVID LEE DUONG's Clean Shoes, Dirty World

Please... don't outbid me guys. :)

Dave Crosland said...

Scott! This stuff is all lovely. I didn't even realize you had a blog. Duh!

Anyway, really digging the new work. I'm excited to see the new art and story books.

Take care and I'll peep you at APE,