Thursday, July 09, 2009


Mainly just an update with some pics of actual items...STRANGE SCIENCE FANTASY #1 and #2 are in and they turned out AMAZING. A great printer called Hatcher Press, Inc. hooked me up...the same guys that did THE TOTORO FOREST PROJECT and Ronnie's AND THERE YOU ARE volumes. These are stapled books, but squared and printed on extremely nice paper stock, very sturdy and meaty, and I love them. I think you will too, especially since there's only 50 of each available to the public! You'll get both books and two pieces of original art if you score a set at San Diego, again, $50.

Also, I received copies of LE SKETCH, a small run accordian-style art "book" that will be available soon from very select outlets. You won't be able to get it from me, I'm afraid, but I'll have a few to show at the con if you stop by. I believe, if you can find them, they're absolutely free.

Oh, I will indeed be taking commissions at San Diego again, painted, 8"x10", $100 each, anything you want, just bring reference. These will be black and white on a pre-textured board. You can scroll through old posts to see how they typically turn out...see the EMERALD CITY post, for example. Besides this, there'll be other art available, and maybe even an ukulele or two.

More soon!


Kolchak said...

Hey Scott can I be on your waiting list for copies of STRANGE SCIENCE FANTASY #1 and #2 set if you have any left after the Comic Con? I would love these books part of my collection I have that I started way back in 1998.


A-T-G said...

Everything looks AMAZING, Scott! I'm busily prepping Jeff's stuff for the booth but, I cannot WAIT to see everything you've got in person! Are you going to have new shirts, too?

As if you haven't been busy enough!

See you in a few!

Scott Morse said...

Ill post about the extras as soon as I'm back from the con...hang tight if you're not attending!'

Mr. Scribbles said...

Dude, Hatcher is the BOMB! They hooked me up. Thanks for the ref and I'll see you at Con.

Cameron said...

These look amazing!!!! I hope you'll have some left after the con for those of us who couldn't make it

Czek said...

Wow! I want these STRANGE SCIENCE FANTASY! I want them! I want them! How can i get one (I mean two, one each!!!) How? Have you got some left? Can I get them in France? Pleeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!

I mean it!