Sunday, July 05, 2009


It's that time, friends! San Diego Comic Con is mere days away and we'll be holding down the fort at Booth 4800 with colleagues Jeff Pidgeon, Ronnie del Carmen, and Enrico Casarosa (Bill Presing will be awol this year due to his nuptual celebration). We'll have plenty of love on hand, including:

*STRANGE SCIENCE FANTASY #1 and #2! We'll have these books LIMITED TO 50 COPIES (and we won't be reprinting in this format), signed and numbered, first come, first served. These puppies are printed on high quality paper stock while retaining that traditional floppy comic feel of the 50's. And to top it off, each book comes with a RANDOM PANEL OF ORIGINAL ART FROM THE STORY IN QUESTION. So that's 2 books, 2 pieces of original art, signed and numbered. Sold only as a set of two. Any left-overs will be offered exclusively on the blog, but this is a San Diego exclusive for now. Hit me early, like preview night...these might go quick! $50/set

*the remaining few ANCIENT BOOK OF SEX AND SCIENCE copies (both regular($20) and limited($60)...though we're down to less than 10 limited!)

*Warehouse finds of fan favorite books: SMACK DAB, and LITTLEGREYMAN ($5 each)!

*ORIGINAL ART, framed, from SEX AND SCIENCE. Go check out the NUCLEUS site for pics, but disregard those prices...we'll be blowing them out for MUCH less (Like in the $100-$150 range).

*Other art, including TIGER!TIGER!TIGER!...and if there's something you've been on the look out for and you think I might still have it, drop a line and ask.

*And of course, copies of TIGER!TIGER!TIGER! ($15), NOTES OVER YONDER ($10), NOBLE BOY ($5), and SCRAP METTLE ($30) Discounts on site for multiple purchases, of course.

*Plus more suprises! Stay tuned!


nandoninny said...


Shane Neville said...

I'll be seeing you on Wednesday night for some Strange Science Fantasy!

BILL said...

GOD DAMN MY NEW JERSEY ASS! those Strange Science Fantasies are amazing! does anyone want to be a pal and pick a set up for me? haha( seriously if you can hit me up

Juan Manuel said...

Hi Scott!
I,m a very big fan or your work and w1ould like to buy a page of Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Unfortunately i won´t be at San diego. Do you have an art dealer for sales over the internet? Do you still have pages avaiable? My e-mail address is
Thank you!
Juan Manuel