Monday, July 13, 2009


Here's us, and some of our friends:
RED WINDOW INC. (Scott Morse, Ronnie del Carmen, Jeff Pidgeon, and Enrico Casarosa) 4800
Allen Spiegel Fine Arts (Dave McKean, Kent Williams, J Muth) 4700
Ted Mathot and Derek Thompson 1215
Bobby Rubio/Alcatraz High 1943
Jamie Baker/Rhode Montijo 1329
What Is Torch Tiger? 2302
Jill Thompson/ Brian Wood/ Cliff Chiang 1322
Mike Mignola 4901
Jeff Smith 2109
Fleet Street Scandal 1316
Samuel Hiti/ La Luz Comics 1831
Jim Mahfood EE05
Mike Huddleston EE06
Conduct Happiness 4830
Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls (Lauren Faust and Craig McCracken) 4834

You'll spot out booth easy with new banners on display. Monster Media in Riverside, CA did a FANTATIC job, and they're INCREDIBLY affordable.

We're down to five copies left of the SEX AND SCIENCE LIMITED EDITION...if you're looking to order one and are on the fence, now's the time, I think. Again, $60, painting by me, signatures by me, Don Shank, and POSSIBLY (more than likely) Lou Romano and Nate Wragg. We're working out how to get everyone's signatures on the books. So there you go. Drop a line at crazymorse*at*sbcglobal*dot*net! There's variations on two designs, depicted above and below. It's random which one you'll get...

Also, I've got a VERY small batch of X*POSITION t-shirts. This is my rock band who performed at the recent PIXARPALOOZA. It's a black logo on a white, soft (but not AMERICAN APPAREL style) t-shirt. I've got one small, one large, and some XL and XXL. $20 at the con.

Again, drop a line if you're looking for specific art...I might be able to hook you up...

More soon!

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Carol A said...

Gotta have an x-position shirt. Paden was wearing one at our visit to Dland. I'll send the $20, and you get to Daniel or Mark, I'll get it from them, thanks. xl please