Thursday, July 17, 2008


Here's a cryptic iPhone pic of some of the exclusives I'll have at the con. I've posted about them before, but here's proof they exist as actual items! Hit me early for these things:

*RED WINDOW SPRING 2008: high-end 8-page painted art catalogue, limited to 250 signed and numbered copies, $10
*RED WINDOW SUMMER 2008: high-end 8-page painted art catalogue, limited to 250 signed and numbered copies, $10
*1951 FORD F-1 t-shirt: Now you can wear my truck. $20, MENS M-L-XL, LADIES S-M-L
*TIGER!TIGER!TIGER! t-shirt: You love him. $20, MENS M-L-XL, LADIES S-M-L
*PLOT DEVICE t-shirt: Didn't know I was lead singer in a band
, didja? VERY LIMITED. Sizes vary. $20.

I'll also have some prints and original art from TIGER!TIGER!TIGER! for sale, but the original art is going to start becoming more of a rarity, I think. It might be a good time to consider grabbing something if you've been hankering.

Also, "sketches": I'll be bringing 8"x10" pre-cut, pre-prepped art board to do paintings. The backgrounds will have a hint of color, but the content will otherwise be black and white, as in the past. Anything you like, just bring reference, and sign up early to be sure it gets done at the con. $100 each.

BOOKS: I'll have on hand copies of SCRAP METTLE, NOBLE BOY, VISITATIONS, VOLCANIC REVOLVER, SPAGHETTI WESTERN, the three MAGIC PICKLE books (but low supplies, I'm afraid...), and even a VERY few ANCIENT BOOK OF MYTH AND WAR. Prices vary.

See you at BOOTH 4800!


Jenny Lerew said...

Super cool! I can't wait!

Ian said...

Hope there's some tees left over to send to me in Australia!

Ian :]

steve said...

Might be able to have someone pick up stuff for me *fingers crossed*

And I'd loooove to get some original art. Have to talk to you at APE?

Hope the con goes well for you Scott!

p.s. cool about the band. Anywhere we can give it a listen?

Anita said...

I love those new shirts! And the "lobby cards" look great! See you at the 'Con!