Sunday, June 26, 2005

Tuesday, June 21, 2005



Hey all-

As of now, I'll have these new thangs fer sale at SD:

*Two new t-shirts, available in men's and baby dolls...two-color designs, tigers are involved. Probably $15 a pop.

*A limited edition version of FRANKENSTEIN, signed with a fully painted image inside. Real paint, inside. Limited to 25, so come quick. Probably $40-50 bucks a pop.

*There might be a limited mini comic version of a new short story I'm doing for the SPX antho, too. Milliken Darby's involved. Price TBA if I get 'em done.

*I'll have a preview of my new fully painted, full-color tribute to Maurice Noble, NOBLE BOY, due out later this year or early next. This is done like a children's book, and will be bound like a board book. And it all rhymes. It's not really for kids, though. I couldn't get 'em bound in time for SD, so they'll hit later.

* And I'll of course have lots of original art, including pages from the Eisner Award nominated PLASTIC MAN, FRANKENSTEIN, SPAGHETTI WESTERN, ROOM FULL OF STRANGERS, and lots more...

SO there you go! Come see us at SD!

ON THE DRAWING BOARD: I'm currently almost done with pencils for the SPX MILLIKEN DARBY short, so inks begin soon. Also working on an expanded version of one of my other books, giving a whole new slant to it. Might even have some pages at SD to show the lucky loos. I'm happy with how it's turning'll be close to 300 pages when it's all done. That'll hit right after NOBLE BOY. And I'm writing AS BIG AS EARTH stories, too...

More soon!

Monday, June 20, 2005


Hey all!

So, since the old message board had been repeatedly hacked, we're gonna try this blog thing. Feel free to post comments about books, art, animation, film, whatever. I'll be around to talk back atcha. Hope to see some of you at San Diego Comic-Con. Me, Mahfood, Huddleston, and Seda are booth 4800. Come see us!