Thursday, March 31, 2011


You suckers asked for it. Me and Steve Niles are gonna slap you silly with a sneak peek book this summer. It's a 9"x12" board book with rounded corners, all big and thick and meaty. Sure, it's just got two stories in it, 32 pages total, but it's a limited edition kind'a thing. We're only printing 500 of these bad boys. It's called A GLIMPSE OF CRIME AND TERROR and these stories we're puttin' in it, they're chocked full'a both crime AND terror. Yer gonna be pushing people outta the way just to get yer mits on it. CRIME AND TERROR, the big book, it's gonna be LOTS bigger'n this with lots more stories, but that's coming out down the line and THIS is coming out this summer. This is just a tease, a tease you'll want for your coffee table to make all'a yer friends jealous that yer so cultured with a big ol' book about CRIME AND TERROR.

More information soon. Hold yer horses. Enjoy the cover for the book in the meantime, you saps.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ONE: a benefit for Japan

Another incredible effort to generate some much-needed aid for Japan. I'll have this piece available: