Thursday, July 31, 2008

A couple from the con *UPDATED*

So here's a couple of scans of pieces I did at the con, "convention sketches". I try not to do line art, but make things worth the time and money for everyone. The top one is a Maurice Noble-y western piece, then my tiger playing sax, the next one just a random creature, then a dog named Ninja and a cat named Pirate, the next is a SEVEN SAMURAI commission, third a WORLD'S FINEST, the bottom a BLACK WIDOW. Find me at a con and this is the level of "sketch" you get. More soon!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I'd like to thank everyone that came by to support RED WINDOW and make San Diego Comic COn 2008 such a success. Special thanks to Anita, Michelle, Jeff, Bill, Ikumi, the staff of Allen Spiegel Fine Arts, Ally and Pete, and of course my lovely wife Dani. Our booth was overrun with love on both sides of the table and it means the world that you all made the week such a pleasure.

I'll be posting pics of sketches (so if I did one for you, scan it and I'll post it!), as well as some pics of the booth and things in the next few days, so stay tuned.

Some of you asked about the original art, and here's the deal: Graphic Collectibles will have some of it available very soon for purchase. They cleaned me out at the con so they'll be handling sales of the pieces you've seen here. Mitch, the owner, is great to deal with, so if there's something you'd like, please drop him a line and ask.

In the meantime, you'll notice a little addition to the sidebar of the blog! There are officially some things available for purchase via Paypal that will ship as ordered, so get on it. Please e-mail crazymorse (at) with questions about sizes and availability before ordering. These are all limited edition items, so if you order without checking and I'm out of what you want, you'll have to go through the refund process on Paypal. Just a heads-up.

So now's the time to drop a line and order away!

More soon...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

CON BONUS! Original art from the archives!

I don't usually do this, but because of my lack of time preparing for this year's con, I decided it was time to go through the archives and pick some choice pieces to put up for sale. These will be at my booth, 4800, while at the con, and anything left will be sold online via Graphic Collectibles. I'll keep you all posted on what's left...but keep in mind, it'll be cheaper to grab something at the con, plus no shipping to pay, and some of these are already matted and framed!

Now, just what do we have here? A sampling of what'll be available, but we've got some unseen DC and Marvel pitch art (ELEKTRA, JIM GORDON), an unused PLASTIC MAN cover for an issue I had to pass on creating when I moved to Pixar, and even some ANCIENT BOOK originals. Prices will range around $300-$400 on average for this size piece at the con. There might even be an unsold YELLOWBIRD ukulele from last year that no one picked up ($350)! Sweet!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


THE ANCIENT BOOK OF SEX AND SCIENCE is in production's the follow-up to our incredibly successful ANCIENT BOOK OF MYTH AND WAR. Lou Romano, Don Shank, Nate Wragg, and me. We're shooting for next year's con to launch the book, but this year we'll have an exclusive set of 4 prints, limited to 50 signed and numbered sets, to launch the SEX AND SCIENCE concept. They're nice, on high quality fine art paper. This set will run $50 for all four images, images that won't run in the book, but will remain exclusive to this print set. What's shown here are two digital sketches (Romano and Wragg) and two finals (Shank and Morse). The set itself will be all final images, not shown. Hit me early for these exclusive pieces of art!


Here's a cryptic iPhone pic of some of the exclusives I'll have at the con. I've posted about them before, but here's proof they exist as actual items! Hit me early for these things:

*RED WINDOW SPRING 2008: high-end 8-page painted art catalogue, limited to 250 signed and numbered copies, $10
*RED WINDOW SUMMER 2008: high-end 8-page painted art catalogue, limited to 250 signed and numbered copies, $10
*1951 FORD F-1 t-shirt: Now you can wear my truck. $20, MENS M-L-XL, LADIES S-M-L
*TIGER!TIGER!TIGER! t-shirt: You love him. $20, MENS M-L-XL, LADIES S-M-L
*PLOT DEVICE t-shirt: Didn't know I was lead singer in a band
, didja? VERY LIMITED. Sizes vary. $20.

I'll also have some prints and original art from TIGER!TIGER!TIGER! for sale, but the original art is going to start becoming more of a rarity, I think. It might be a good time to consider grabbing something if you've been hankering.

Also, "sketches": I'll be bringing 8"x10" pre-cut, pre-prepped art board to do paintings. The backgrounds will have a hint of color, but the content will otherwise be black and white, as in the past. Anything you like, just bring reference, and sign up early to be sure it gets done at the con. $100 each.

BOOKS: I'll have on hand copies of SCRAP METTLE, NOBLE BOY, VISITATIONS, VOLCANIC REVOLVER, SPAGHETTI WESTERN, the three MAGIC PICKLE books (but low supplies, I'm afraid...), and even a VERY few ANCIENT BOOK OF MYTH AND WAR. Prices vary.

See you at BOOTH 4800!


Just a heads-up, we've cranked up the AFTERWORKS blog to give you all a preview of next year's AFTERWORKS 3 anthology. It's a collection of some top-notch storytelling by a roster of Pixar vets, including me. Here's some images from my story, THE BUILD. Go bookmark the AFTERWORKS BLOG and watch the project unfold!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


You may have heard rumors of an art movement called THE TOTORO FOREST PROJECT. I've been sworn to secrecy for a few months now, but the catbus is out of the bag. We, the artists, were asked to depict an original Totoro and tell its story. Above, you'll find i contributed two Totoros to the cause, URSALO and OTTORO. You can find their stories on pages 4 and 5 of the GALLERY section of the Totoro Forest Project site.

Totoro Forest Project is an international charity effort to preserve Sayama Forest, also known as Totoro Forest. This endangered sanctuary on the outskirts of Tokyo is where director Hayao Miyazaki got the inspiration for his much loved character “Totoro.” Over 200 top international artists from animation, illustration, and comics are donating artwork especially created for this cause.

On september 6th 2008 Pixar Animation Studios will be hosting an art auction event featuring all these fantastic pieces of art. All the proceeds of this fundraiser will benefit the Totoro Forest Foundation.

Please, if you can, donate to save this forest by either making a contribution, buying the art book when it becomes available, or attending the auction at Pixar and bidding on a piece of exceptional artwork. I'll be offering two pieces, both displayed here.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Here's a work in progress, but I think it's close. Chris Pitzer is taking a look at it, so it might very well evolve before publication, but this is your first look at the cover to TIGER!TIGER!TIGER! Volume 1. Look for it in stores this holiday season. I might have some preview pages at San Diego, so swing by to check 'em out. This is an INCREDIBLY personal series of books I've been working hard on, very experimental, that relay autobiographical stories about being a dad and dealing with life in general, which is something I sometimes really struggle with, as I'm sure everyone out there does. You'll notice the SOUTHPAW design has been resurrected to serve as my "paper tiger". This series is loaded with different types of art, ways of storytelling, and some tough ideas. I love working on it, and I hope you'll all love reading it very very soon.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Alright, I don't typically talk about the day job around this blog but there's this little movie I worked on that I think you might want to go see if you haven't already. You'll catch my name twice, under STORY ARTIST and END CREDITS: DESIGN LEAD. WALL*E was a blast to work on and I'm proud of our team and how the film turned out. I hope you all enjoy it. We made it just for you, you lucky dogs.