Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Hey people...the new PREVIEWS just hit the shelves, and it's your opportunity to order NOBLE BOY, and to tell your friends and local retailers to do the same! NOBLE BOY is on page 209 and is "Certified Cool", I'll have you know! There's a purty ad designed by Chris Pitzer accompanying the solicitation, under AdHouse Books.

Also, on page 356, the Previews Book Store hypes SPAGHETTI WESTERN. If you haven't picked this up yet, originally released in 2004, now's your chance!

Thanks for the support! More soon!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

DECEMBER, and beyond!

Hey boys and girls-- it's been a few weeks since I've popped my head up, but there's good reason! I've been busting my butt getting NOBLE BOY ready to ship, and just got back from a much-needed break on Maui. I scored an amazing new Ukelele from Mele Ukelele ( and found a buried treasure left by my good pal Ricky Nierva at the base of Black Rock in Kaanapali. And yes, I had to jump off of said Black Rock, an infamous rock diving spot. My little sister-in-law showed me up, though, I'm afraid, with two jumps. At any rate, we all had a blast, and it was amazing watching my little boy of 8 months kick his toes in the surf and giggle into the trade winds.

Now, heads-up, and tell a friend: NOBLE BOY will be in the next issue of PREVIEWS, offered through AdHouse Books. Go preorder it, preorder one for a friend, and tell your local retailer to preorder at least ten for their shop. Next up is TIGER!TIGER!TIGER!, the long-awaited return of Southpaw!

Also, I'll be contributing new short stories, fully painted, to two 2006 anthologies: PROJECT: ROMANTIC and AFTERWORKS II. These shorts will be stand-alone, but also link up into a longer work. More on the stories soon! PROJECT: ROMANTIC is, of course, the third entry into the AdHouse Books line of award-winning PROJECT:anthologies. AFTERWORKS II is a compilation of animation artists out of Emeryville, called E-VILLE PRESS. These guys are GOOD.

Hang tight, and have great holidays, everyone.