Friday, November 05, 2010

What I do at work

This week, MATER'S TALL TALES was released on DVD and Blu Ray. Now, normally I'm not a huge shill for my day job, but this disc is something kind of special for me. These shorts were amazingly fun to work on. Even more unique, for me, are the bonus features. You'll find "Unmade Tales" in the special features section, and if you're brave enough to click on BACKWARDS TO THE FORWARDS, you'll Pitching storyboards for an unmade short. It's a rare look at what actual working storyboards at Pixar kind of look like. This whole "Unmade Tales" section is a rare look at board artists pitching, too. If "story" is something you're hoping to get into eventually, it's a nice thing to check out, just as a heads-up on how we do it.