Monday, July 17, 2006

Comic-Con...see you there!

So, my Helper Monkey has pointed out that I need to tell you all where you can find me!


It's all the way to the left, if you're looking at the convention center from the front. Near Mignola and my rep, Allen Spiegel Fine Arts, and before you hit the toy guys and Tim Biskup/Gary Baseman.

Me, Jim Mahfood, Ted Mathot, Jeff Pidgeon, and Louis Gonzales, selling our stuff! Come early and grab one of everything, from AFTERWORKS II to NOBLE BOY! See you there!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Comic-Con Wares pt. 4

So, I'll be bringing along some custom painted bowling pins, too. Three of them. Price: $200 each. These are actual wooden bowling pins, stripped of the outer coating, hand-painted.


Here's the finished ukuleles...these are both reserved, but enjoy the pics. I'm happy with how they turned out, and will probably do more now that I know what's involved...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Comic-Con Wares part III

These are the covers, in production, of the limited edition hand-bound sketchbooks that'll be available at Comic-Con. It's an edition of 12, with five being included with the "deck sets" and five being sold separately, priced at $50 each. The books will contain blank pages, hand bound sturdily by my pal Kate Ranson-Walsh. Hit me early at the con if you want one of these guys!

Also, due to a printer error, I've got fewer t-shirts than anticipated for sale, so find me early for those, too. Price will be $20 a shirt at our booth, whether it's mine, Mahfood's, or Jeff Pidgeon's design...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Comic-con Wares pt. 2

Bookwise, I'll have NOBLE BOY for sale, possibly with a very limited edition of 25 that will come with a hand-painted sleeve. Those will probably go for about $50 each, similar to the FRANKENSTEIN limited edition from last year. I'll have copies of various other past graphic novels, as well, including, but not limited to, SOULWIND, VOLCANIC REVOLVER, and THE BAREFOOT SERPENT.

Also, we may POSSIBLY have copies of GOOSEBUMPS VOLUME 1 at the con from Scholastic. I'll DEFINITELY have the art for sale. Swing on by and take a look. Black and white originals, probably for $50 -$75 a page. Plus I'll be doing the painted originals I've been doing the past couple of cons, anything you want, black and white on a color background, for $100 a pop, as long as my arm holds out. Hit me early for preference on the list.

And we'll have this beauty: asfa presents 108 drawings featuring new, rare and previously unseen work from Thom Ang, August Hall, Phil Hale, Dave McKean, Scott Morse, Jon J Muth, Bonnie To Yee de Muth, George Pratt, Greg Ruth, Greg Spalenka, Jamie Tolagson and Kent Williams.
Book design by Kent Williams.
Price: $27 U.S

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Comic-Con Wares pt. 1

Hey folks-

It's been awhile, so I figured I'd start showing you why. Here's a first look at the skate decks that will be offered as limited edition items with a pair of Converse at my booth. You'll get one of these decks, first come, first served, along with a pair of Chuck Taylors, as seen in past posts, a customized blank, hand-made sketchbook with a painted cover, and a t-shirt, for around $400 a set. There are only 5 SETS BEING OFFERED. If you think you'll want one of these bad boys, send an e-mail early to reserve or show up at preview night early. Again, these are hand-painted, one of a kind decks, with a pair of Chucks, a one of a kind sketchbook, and a shirt, your choice on sizes available.

In the meantime, enjoy the's kind of a rare look at my studio, as well...

Watch for more soon...

UKES, too!

Also at Comic-Con, I'll have some other special items, one of a kind, hand-painted. Here's a sneak peek, in progress look at one of the two ukuleles I'll have offered. I'll also have a limited number of other skate decks available. Prices to be determined, but more than likely around $250 for each of these things. Pics of the finished ukes soon, along with the other decks.

Bird Deck close-ups

Elephant and Giraffe Deck close-ups

Monkey and Dinosaur Deck close-ups