Wednesday, July 04, 2012

TR!CKSTER: commissions and info!

Hey people- It's been awhile. I've been busy. I wanted to fill you in a bit on what's been keeping me off the grid here. TR!CKSTER 2 is almost upon us. This thing is an incredibly crazy endeavor. It's run out-of-pocket by me, Ted Mathot, and Anita Coulter. That's why we're using indiegogo to help offset the headaches. If you can pitch in a bit, please try. We want TR!CKSTER to continue to succeed and breathe life into the creator-owned, DIY world of storytelling. DONATE HERE

Now, at TR!CKSTER this year I'll personally be doing a few different things: I'll be moderating the SYMPOSIA, which are ticketed workshops on writing method and art demos by today's top storytellers. Grab a ticket at that link...there's limited seating and these are INCREDIBLE chances to learn how working storytellers do their thing first-hand.

I'll also be producing what might be my last commission-style work in awhile. I'll be doing these commissions daily from 2-4, Thursday-Saturday, in the Art Workshops. I'll be doing two sorts of commissions while my hands hold out: $100 commissions that'll fully benefit TR!CKSTER, painted directly in copies of the TR!CKSTER book. Anything you want, but it'll be painted in the book. I'll also be doing a limited number of stand-alone commissions at $250 each. Hit me early at crazymorse *at* sbcglobal *dot* net if you want something.

***UPDATE***I just found a box of ANCIENT BOOK OF SEX AND SCIENCE that I'll have on hand, as well. These are WAY out of print, featuring art by me, Lou Romano, Don Shank, and Nate Wragg. I'll be painting originals in each one sold at the show and this incredibly rare book will run you $100 a pop. Act quick.

I won't be doing paintings of licensed characters. Original stuff only. Creator-owned stuff.

Now, this is likely the last chance in a long time you'll be able to get a commission from me as my workload has gone insane at Pixar. I'm doing something pretty great there that requires more of my free time. So that means fewer cons and no more commissions.

Speaking of Pixar, though, I WILL be one of a handful of folks looking at portfolios IN THE CONVENTION CENTER ONLY at booth 4800, Thursday-Saturday. Story portfolios. Character design portfolios. Bring your best work and wow us.

See you at TR!CKSTER. Be prepared for the time of your life, people.