Friday, November 11, 2005


Right on! "annastep" takes home the custom MUNNY figure for a whopping $555.55! That's amazing support, and it will go a long way in helping out some people who need it in this trying time after the havoc of the hurricanes. Thanks so much to all the bidders...

Friday, November 04, 2005

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


On behalf of Red Window, AdHouse Books distributes the following press release:

NOVEMBER, 2005. Scott Morse is pleased to announce the birth of RED WINDOW, a new self-publishing venture. Through new projects including original graphic novels, art books, clothing, and films, RED WINDOW is the venue through which Morse will continue to grow as a storyteller and artist, utilizing the finest production values available.

"I've been publishing my work through a myriad of incredible publishing houses over the past few years, but certain projects that I'm in the process of creating have become incredibly personal endeavors, and have grown to need extra attention," states Morse. "These projects, including autobiographical stories, art books, and film projects, are things that I want presented through very specific means. I'm letting each one dictate production values, putting in the extra effort and care to ensure that they're offered to audiences as something unique."

Helping Morse realize these projects to their full potential is award-winning designer and publisher Chris Pitzer, of AdHOUSE BOOKS, who will not only serve as designer and consultant, but as distributor of RED WINDOW's catalogue of products. "Chris Pitzer is more passionate about design and storytelling than
most anyone I've ever had the pleasure of working with, " states Morse. "His talents are a boon to my work through RED WINDOW, and I couldn't be happier with the work we're producing."

“It’s been a great pleasure to work with Scott Morse over the years... From his sell-out hit SOUTHPAW, to his thoughts on heroes with SUPERIOR,” said Pitzer “I think self-publishing is the next logical step for him to take, and I’m more than happy to make suggestions along the way.”

The pipeline of products for 2006 includes the Red Window debut graphic novel NOBLE BOY, a biographical "board book" about animation design pioneer and legend
Maurice Noble, who trained Morse with a small group of hand-picked artists at Chuck Jones Film Productions, Turner, Warner Bros., and other studios. Morse says,
"Maurice was a playful, energetic character, a huge influence on not only my work, but who I am as a person. NOBLE BOY is the long-overdue first step in introducing Maurice to the masses as a person. You've all seen his work, from SNOW WHITE to DUCK DOGERS to HOW THE GRINCH STOLE, it's time you learn about this orchestrator of the films you grew up loving." NOBLE BOY will be offered as a 32-page, full color board book, each page thick and meaty with rhyming text and art, and will retail for $12.95.

Future RED WINDOW projects include:

*TIGER!TIGER!TIGER!, the massive expansion of the sell-out AdHouse offering SOUTHPAW.
*ALONG THESE FIERY PATHS, a hardcover, fully painted autobiography.
*BANJOJOE, a live-action short film project
*CHARACTER STUDY, a collection of sketchbook ink drawings mixed with prose text.
*and more to be announced soon.

While RED WINDOW will solely produce the work of Morse, he'll also continue to produce work with outside publishers on a project-to-project basis. "RED WINDOW is for my personal work, for stories and art that I need to oversee on all levels," assures Morse. "You'll see my name pop up at other publishers and on other films, as well, I guarantee."

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Hey all-

There's an extensive interview/preview of all the upcoming stuff from me and RED WINDOW happening over at NEWSARAMA. GO check out part one today, and part two tomorrow!