Monday, February 20, 2006

NOTES: a preview!

Hey's a sneak peek at some pages from NOTES, the short story that will appear in AFTERWORKS 2 from Image this July! NOTES is part of a larger work entitled NOTES OVER YONDER, the other half of which will appear in PROJECT: ROMANTIC from AdHouse this July...enjoy!


nandoninny said...

as always, awsome f'ing stuff.
jazz monkey always beats rockin rhinos.
but there's no reason they can't all be friends.

David said...

Very cool. Can't wait to read Project: Romantic. I love AdHouse's anthologies.

Alessandro_PPG said...

Excelentes trabalhos! Very beautiful! Lindas ilustras e cores! Adorei seus trabalhos são bem vibrantes, continue por este caminho e muito sucesso! Congratulations!

Unknown said...

beautiful series of paintings! Lovely design!

Jeaux Janovsky said...

these are purdy. purday dang awesome redonkulous style.
bad ass,

John S. said...

Great stuff Scott. Can't wait to get this one.

Jenny Lerew said...

These are typical--gorgeous. : )

btw, son--when's the ETA for "Noble Boy"? Soon, I hope?