Friday, March 24, 2006

Guess what's on e-bay?

Do a search for SUPER RARE CONVERSE...

I don't even have a pair of these yet...and I designed them!


Stefan de Groot said...

Cool shoes Scott!
Were they produced in a quantity,
or are these two-of-a-kind?

Nice blog by the way

Take care,

Stefan de Groot

2 said...

believe it or not but i saw these on your blog this morning, went shopping and low a behold there they were. so now i have some art on my feet! yay!

Jose's Internet House Party said...

Dude, those are gorgeous!

Unknown said...

wow those are really cool! i'd wear one, represent!

pitzerboy said...

I saw there's a biography on Chuck Taylor that's out. I wouldn't mind readin' that one.