Monday, April 10, 2006


Yep, you've seen 'em here before, but now, if you're in Ireland, you can get 'em. Here's a link to the Converse website:


Also, I'm having a VERY few pairs shipped to the states. I'm planning something special for Comic-Con. The sizes will vary, but for you collectors out there, I'm planning to offer a VERY limited edition that will include:

*a pair of the Chucks, random size
*in a hand-painted Converse box
*an original, framed painting of the dog on the shoes
*an original, hand-painted skate deck, featuring the dog on the shoes

I'm talking LIMITED EDITION here, folks, Like a limited edition of 5 or so. Price to be determined. Does this sound like something you'd all like to see made available?


Randy Lander said...

I'm a diehard fan of Chuck Taylors and Scott Morse. *If* I sell my house in time to afford the trip to San Diego (don't worry - we're buying a new one, I'm not selling my home to attend comic book conventions), I might have the extra cash to drop on these, and I'd definitely be interested, if you had a size 9... and depending on how much the price was.

A-T-G said...

Dang it! I've spent two days looking for these shoes! I've managed to get a list of stores in the UK from Converse--but, NONE of them have the shoes! AAACK!! Why can't the internet be like it promised and make my life EASIER!

As you can see Scott, I love the frickin' shoes and will have them some day! Great stuff!

shiro said...

*chokes on her hot chocolate*

those are too cool for words 8)

quiky said...

this is my converse ^^ i love it (LLL)

quiky said...

oooohh ^^ I've got this converse :) I love it (LLLLLLLLLL)

Cherubyx said...

I know this is a really old post on your art with Converse but I finally found your site with your work and I'm crying tears of joy. I've found your shoes in Canada and I bought them because of how unique they are and I still love them... even if a small rip on the side =(. I'm never going to throw them out. Just curious though, are you going to design more limited editions with Converse?
I got my hands on this one