Friday, May 11, 2007


So, I just noticed that AMAZON has a NICE discount on SCRAP METTLE, at $26.37 a copy (list price of $39.95!). This is the best deal you're gonna find, folks, outside of finding me at a convention and getting one with a signature! I'll only have a few of these to sell through personal outlets, like conventions and the limited edition, so if this is something you're considering, GO ORDER YOURSELF ONE CHEAP! It'll be out in July, no worries. It's at the printer now, and man, I'm proud of how it looks. The production values are nice. And again, it's 400 pages! HUGE!


XaviC said...

I really love your art. REALLY!! Be sure that I will purchase this book. Just one question: how you realize to draw the figures on the finished background? Do you use some charcoal paper under the original draw, or some like this? I now it's one of the methods, secrets, way you work, and I'll understand it if you don't answer. Thanks a lot, and again, congratulations for your works!

Numair said...

OOoo it looks so good! I already got your book on Myth and War from your exhibition (unfortunately couldnt wait through the fans that were already around you to meet you myself). I love your broken structure style like you've got in that life drawing picture. Sorry, I don't know how else to describe it ...but its really good. Hey, all of it is! :)

donnachada said...

Cannot wait to get this. Congrats on the Myth and War book. Picked it up a while ago and can't put it down. Incredible work.