Wednesday, September 12, 2007

SOUTHPAW for the Alzheimer's Association

Esther Pearl has been working with the fine folks at Maverix Studios to organize an art auction to benefit the Alzheimer's Association later this month. The Maverix auctions are first rate affairs and always have a wide variety of cool artwork available to bid on.

If you live in the Bay Area, come by to bid on some great artwork for a good cause. I'm contributing these two SOUTHPAW pieces.

Art Auction benefiting the Alzheimer's Association
Saturday, Sept 29, 6-9pm
Maverix Studios
1717 17th Street
San Francisco


Nando X said...

these are freaking adorable.
come have an auction in houston and i'll make sure to buy some.
thanks for showing these off though.

freakin sweet!
is that water color?

steve said...

If for some strange, unforeseen reason these things don't go Scott... let me know! :)

Dave Dick said...

Wow, they look SO good! Wonderful job!

Frederic said...

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Scott those Tigers are adorable :)


Samantha Nell said...

So so beautiful. I wish they were mine.