Monday, June 16, 2008


Yes, my friends, Hobo the Elephant will invade Paris shortly as part of a very special exhibition at Galerie Arludik in honor of the forthcoming opening of WALL*E. The show will feature work from me and three other Pixar alum, Bill Presing, Enrico Casarosa, and Jennifer Chang. You'll be able to buy some originals from all of us there, if you're Euro-bound. My work, featuring Hobo, will be catalogued in RED WINDOW SUMMER 2008 available in VERY limited quantities at San Diego. More soon!


Ciaran said...

wow. I love that paint. the sky cel paint too? It looks more like ink or concentrated watercolour or something..

It's probably the result of studying animation for 4 years but usually when I see a really good painting with cool character and environment design, I think about seeing it animated to really flesh it out and make people feel immersed in it but I think your paintings are so much more engrossing as still images than they would be if they were animated.

Food One said...

he likes to travel.
he needs some hobo wine.

夢 ちゃん (Yume) said...

i saw your drawing in paris, i love it :)