Monday, October 27, 2008

APE wares! *UPDATED!*

Heads-up! I've officially decided what limited edition stuff I'll have at APE:

*TIGER!TIGER!TIGER!/NOTES OVER YONDER limited edition: This is a signed, numbered, very limited edition for the end of the year. You get BOTH BOOKS, both of them with hand-carved stamp paintings inside, signed and numbered, and you'll also get a wooden TIGER, a hand-made and painted primitive object wooden toy, crafted from bed knobs and wooden dowels. Perfect for your mantle, desk, or workspace. I hope they'll make you smile. LIMITED EDITION OF 20. This set will go for $125, shipping included, and you're free to drop me an e-mail at your earliest convenience if you won't be at the show but think you want one. I'll reply with PAYPAL contact info. Again, limited to only 20, and as of the posting of these pics I've got about a dozen left.

*HIGH FIVE: A Scott Morse grab bag of sorts. This is a hand-drawn envelope package, sealed, that will contain an assortment of 5 comics and/or trade paperbacks that I've worked on. Things may include random copies of SOULWIND, VOLCANIC REVOLVER, MAGIC PICKLE, and other industry books like CATWOMAN, ELEKTRA, SAM AND TWITCH, and more, like various rare foreign editions of books. Again, sealed, so you won't be able to choose what you get, but I'll be posting images of the envelopes soon so you can see what sort of original art those will involve. You might even end up with original art inside. These are first-come, first-served, $10 a pop at the show. Online, I'll have to tack on shipping, for a total of $15. Limited number of these, but not signed and numbered.

Drop me a line if these interest you and you can't make it to APE! crazymorse *at*


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John Cormany said...

Email sent as well, can't wait to see these!

John Cormany said...

email sent as well, really looking forward to seeing these.

Brian said...

I am going to get me a grab bag. I can't wait to see whats inside.

steve said...

You're killing Me right now Scott... :)

Real quick, I had a question for you on your last post about commissions this weekend. You taking any? If so... How much?

Thanks, and can't wait to see you again!

burgerlog said...

I LOVE the wooden tiger!!!