Wednesday, February 25, 2009


WONDERCON! Moscone Center, San Francisco. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Scott Morse (TIGER!TIGER!TIGER!, MAGIC PICKLE), Bill Presing (BELLE DU JOUR, BOOKPLATE BETTIES), Enrico Casarosa (VENICE CHRONICLES, FRAGMENTS), and Ronnie del Carmen (AND THERE YOU ARE, PAPER BISCUIT). Come get some books and art, we'd love to say hello and show you the latest!

I'll be doing paintings for $100, 8"x10", whatever you like, just bring reference. I can't speak for the other guys, but check their blogs.

Also, BOOTH 920 has our buddies Derek Thompson and Ted Mathot. Go show them some love, too!


Chris Palmer said...

Hi Scott. Thanks for the extremely cool Batman/Robin painting at Wondercon. My wife and I are hanging it in our new home tonight! I scanned it in before framing it:

and a large version:

Thanks so much! We love it.

Unknown said...

Hi Scott, I'm wondering if you will be doing paintings at Emerald City in April? I would love to get something done there. Thanks so much!