Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sweet Charities

Here's some work that'll be up for auction very soon...stay tuned for details both here and at the links below.

For the Hero Initiative, in which folks like you donate money to help out artists who can't help themselves in times of medical or financial need (like John Ostrander, for whom the BATMAN is to benefit).

For the Wonder Woman Museum and WONDER WOMAN DAY benefit, where good people like you donate to benefit domestic violence victims centers.


BILL said...

totally awesome Scott. I especially love the creature one!


Tony DiStefano said...

Same as bill about the creature.
The le sketch work is beautiful.

mick statham said...

Love all three, but Batman is out in front.

Dave Dick said...

Jeez these are nice, Scott! I'm sure they'll be a ton of help!

nandoninny said...

get me out of this air conditioned nightmare!! (if that's the sweet charity reference you were making)....

if not....damn fine work!
was able to get a copy of the le sketch but i'm waiting for it to come in the mail.

can't wait!

those auction pieces are nice!!