Monday, October 12, 2009

APE this weekend!

I'll be at APE, same spot as always, sitting with Bill Presing and the Allen Spiegel gang. I wanted to have the PROJECTIONIST limited edition on hand, but the printer I used on the first two STRANGE SCIENCE FANTASY books, Hatcher Press, just went out of business. Thanks, economy! So I'm on the lookout for the perfect spot to do the next books. Anyhow, I WILL be doing original art commissions, $100 a pop, 8"x10", time permitting, and will also have some older art on hand, some of it even framed, all for good prices ($50 and up, more than likely...) The MICRO-TIGERS above (2.5" x 3.5") will run you $50 a pop, and there's only the 10 of them. And you know you get discounts if you buy a lot of stuff. ;) So swing by! Also, this'll likely be one of your last chances to grab a copy of THE ANCIENT BOOK OF SEX AND SCIENCE, as supplies are running WAY LOW!

If you're in L.A. and can't make APE, do yourself a favor and go see Kent's curated show!


Steven Ng said...

Hi Scott
I love my Tiger painting from last year. I'd love to have you draw a Miyazaki character for me this weekend. Which one would you like to do? I'll bring the reference.
Steven Ng

William Bradford said...

Ahh! Wish I could make it again this year. Maybe I'll get somthing together next year....

Unknown said...

love the micro tigers art!

cpjalufka said...

Hey Scott -

When is The Projectionist going to be available? Will it be sold via Amazon or directly through you and this site? Would be cool to be able to get a signed copy.



Justin Hunt said...

Those tiger paintings are beautiful Mr. Morse.