Monday, May 17, 2010


A gift for my buddy Scott Mosier, based on Seijun Suzuki's BRANDED TO KILL, starring Jo Shishido. This is maybe the first true blooded Yakuza flick, and you can see it on Criterion's DVD release, spine #38.

Cell Vinyl with some digital enhancements.


LFW said...

super sweet, excellent painting

cheers to you


Unknown said...

Killer! Would this Scott Mosier be the Scott Mosier of View Askew fame?

Kendra Melton said...

Maybe this is a silly question but what exactly is Cell Vinyl? Is it similar to cell paint? and what kind of surface do you apply it to? It produces such interesting textures, and the way it spreads like watercolor but almost with a heavier weighted pigment. Very interesting, feels like mixed media by just varying the wet and dry technique.

Very nice!

James Chiang said...

loved this film..great painting/cover