Thursday, September 15, 2005


We're intricately and delicately planning the 2006 launch of RED WINDOW, my self-publishing venture. The plan, dear people, is to launch a new book close to the major cons I'll be attending. Some will be available through Diamond, but some, I warn you, may be smaller print runs of high quality limited editions available only online and at conventions, so I can meet as many of the potential readers face-to-face and offer some unique treats.

As it stands now, I've got NOBLE BOY in the can and planned as the debut book for Feb. or March. Following in April will be another book for APE, and in June a book for MoCCA, and in July, San Diego. I'm actively working on ALL of these books, and some are near completion, so as a book is announced, rest assured, it's done and either at the printers or close to it!

So keep your eyes peeled...more soon!


cmbeckett said...

Very excited to hear about Red Window and upcoming books from you. Will we be able to order books directly from you if they are not offered in Diamond, and have you considered some type of subscription plan for avid (or rabid?) fans like myself. I collect all that you do man as do two of my friends up here in Bangor. We hate missing any new work from you. Anyway, glad to hear things are moving along. Talk to you soon.

chris beckett

Scott Morse said...

Hmmm...haven't considered subscriptions, as price points on some of the books haven't been determined yet. I'll see what I can do! If we don't do subscriptions, we'll definitely offer the non-diamond stuff online somehow, whether it's direct from me or through a designated retailer. No one will go without, though!