Thursday, September 22, 2005


I won't be attending SPX, as I'm swamped with work deadlines, comics deadlines, and life, but those of you daring enough to attend one of the coolest conventions in the nation this weekend (September 23-24) will be treated to not one, but two new products featuring my work...

Edited by the excellent storyteller Brian Ralph, this year's antho has shaped up to be something special. It features a brand new story by me, 10 pages long, entitled MILLIKEN DARBY READS A BOOK, starring everyone's favorite "slow" monkey, Milliken Darby. The books roster includes:
Kevin Sherry
Allison Cole and Eric Paul
Jordan Crane
Federico Reggiani and Angel Mosquito
Rina Ayuyang
Kaz Strzepek
Matt Rota
Max Estes
Peter Hamlin
Jeff Sharp
Dave Lapp
Sara Varon
Greg Cook
Melody Nadia Shickley
Bendik Kaltenborn and Kristoffer Kjolberg
Leif Goldberg
Sindre W. Goksoyr
Scott Morse
Martin Cendreda
Damien Jay
Jesse Reklaw
N. U. Bertozzi
Luke Ramsey
Joe Derry
Brendan Burford
C. Cilla
Jennifer Janviere
Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca
Brian Chippendale
Scott Campbell
Ben Jones
Jeff Czekaj
Marc Bell / Peter Thompson
Vinh Ngo
Maris Wicks
As with every year, all profits from SPX and the SPX Anthology will go to support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, protecting the First Amendment rights of comic book readers and professionals.

*The BRCS HURRICANE RELIEF ANTHOLOGY, edited by Robert Bienvenu, also hits at SPX. It's a two volume set, wrapped with a FEMA slipcase.

Book 1

Covers by Scott Morse

1 Ben Claassen III
3 Laura Uhl & Jacob Warrenfeltz
7 Andrew Demitt
8 Mark Campos
9 Nate Cernosek & Nick Almaraz
13 Sirkowski
14 Adrian Sanders & Eilif Knutson
15 Ben T. Steckler
21 Amy Ignatow
27 Jeff Hay
29 Jason Marcy
31 Robert Bienvenu
33 Rob Staeger & Michael J. Bencik
36 The D.C. Conspiracy
page 1 - Matt Dembicki
page 2 - Chris Piers
page 3 - Steve Loya
page 4 - Jacob Warrenfeltz
page 5 - Christopher Mararac and Rick Legaspi
page 6 - Andrew Cohen
page 7 - Evan Keeling
43 Bob Kathman
45 Melissa Lomax

Book 2

Covers by Scott Morse

1 Tom Beland
2 Caesar Meadows
3 Monica Meehan
6 Jeff Hay
7 Michael Neal Phillips
8 Lance Tooks
13 Daniel Strickland
19 Tim Kelly
20 Jeffrey Brown
25 Erik Van Buren
29 Ben Vranken
37 Mark Stacy
39 Ben Smith
40 Chuck Loridans
41 Patch
42 Kurt Beaulieu
43 David Lasky

I'll try to post details on where you can order these online after the show.

GO BUY BOTH! They're for great causes, or course.


BILL said...

hey scott
are the 2 hurricane relief books the ones with the 12 jazz drawings? i unfortunatley have to work this weekend and can't make it down to SPX this year so i'm super glad they will be available post show. keep on making awesome art. i need something to spend my money on besides pez.


Scott Morse said...

Yep, the hurricane relief books are the ones. The drawings, I think, became the covers. Not sure if all twelve made it in somehow, but I'll try to post them online so everyone can see them at some point...Robert Bienvenu, the editor, has said they'll be made available after SPX for online sales, so no worries there.