Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Own this sketchbook!

*UPDATE!* Thanks to everyone who helped drive the bids up! This book raised $362.83 for Lea and her family. Very cool. It means the world!

Ok, so here's a VERY unique chance to own a full sketchbook of drawings and paintings. This sketchbook, a small Moleskin-style deal, holds fifty original drawings and watercolors, all done on a private Sketchcrawl this past weekend in the San Jose Airport, the Burbank Airport, and the Universal Sheraton pool. It will go up on eBay very soon as part of a benefit for comics maker Lea Hernandez, who recently became victim to a house fire, losing pets and valuables, not to mention her home. If you're a fan of my work, or of watercolor sketches, this is for you. I've never auctioned or sold anything of this magnitude, so bid high and often. GO BID HERE!


Fair Haired Lass said...

Beautiful sketches!

I had a question for you actually, and I couldn't really find anywhere else to put it, sorry if I missed that section. I'm currently a student for an online education program in visial communications. We're in our final week of our 'History of Art and Design' class and we have a group project due where we each submit up to three pieces of art to use for our final project. We will vote soon on which one to use and someone made a joke about the image not really mattering. We could just 'slap on a picture of elmo as long as we get the rest of the work done'
Well, I have a three year old son, and the thought of using an elmo painting amused me so much I decided to try and find one to submit just to brighten my groups day a little. I stumbled apon a painting credited to you on a sketchbook site by Randy Lander. He mentions you did it for him as per request for his daughters room.
Most of the paintings everyone is submitting for the project are from painters long dead and gone, (Degas, Diego Rivera, Van Gogh ect.) and since you are very much alive and well, and I didn't want to infringe on any of your territory without your permission, I wanted to ask you if it would be alright if I submitted that piece for use for our project. I think its a great painting and totally adore it, though I doubt my group will actually use it for our final picture.

Anyhow, I just wanted to make sure it was allright. I'm always so paranoid on stepping on other people's toes. ^^

Scott Morse said...

Ha! Of course! That's hilarious. go for it!

Fair Haired Lass said...

Thanks so much! I really do love your work, its gorgeous. I hope the rest of my group sees the humour.

Now at least if worst comes to worse we'll have a beautiful, tasteful picture of elmo to write about!

Thanks again!

Gerald de Dios said...

Nice job on the San Jose Airport Crawl. I really like that first watercolored sketch.

This is a really nice gesture. I like how the artist community is coming together to help out.

Dave Dick said...

Yeah, that's a super thoughtful idea :D

Jed Alexander said...

These are great sketches. I just discovered your blog! I'm continually impressed by how effortless you make it look.

jackd up productions said...

This is Mr. Valdezio, It's been too long...Sorry about the Canadian project, thats show biz. I really like the hellboy picture you did a while back. You have a bold use of saturated colors. i'm going to the art institute of california orange county, game art and design=making video games interactive stories, pretty cool stuff. i'll ask for that favor you owe me later.
Mr. V out

Patrick Morgan said...

Scott. Great stuff man. Shoot me an e-mail thru my Blog. I can't find your e-mail address you gave me. Hope all is well.


chris chua said...

these are beautiful people sketches. They seem alive and ready to jump out of the pages of your sketchbook. Great Job!!!!!